A Chartbeat Evolution

Today Chartbeat evolves its brand and product experience to match the evolution, passion and dedication of you – our customers. We are inspired by the courage and work ethic you show each day to tell the stories the world needs to hear and ensure they reach the audiences that need to hear them.

Since our founding in 2009, Chartbeat has been uniquely committed to a singular cause: enabling meaningful stories to thrive by helping you build and grow a loyal audience. As you adapt – to respond to changes in user behavior, technology and the rise of platforms – Chartbeat’s brand and products are adapting too:

The news cycle has been shortened from hours to minutes.
Your readers are no longer faster than your data. We’ve streamlined our product navigation experience and introduced smarter data discovery, so you can harness the right data quickly, where you need it most.
The success of content lies not in what makes someone click, but in what makes someone stay, read further and return day after day.
Our unified platform is built around engagement metrics at every step of the reader journey. Now with subscriber analytics and deeper historical reporting capabilities, you can adapt your strategy around the reader’s entire experience.
Today’s editor must be as fluent with data as she is with style guides.
We are happy to announce the forthcoming release of automated insight reports, fueled by Chartbeat data science, helping you discover noteworthy trends in your data.
The industry is rallying together, standing behind truth and accuracy.
Our logo has evolved from a dial to a flag that we plant squarely in support of quality publishers everywhere.

We strive to be in lock step with our clients as true partners. Since 2014, we’ve tripled our revenue and our client base. Chartbeat products now serve over 700 enterprise clients and more than 50,000 sites and apps. Impactful stories happen everywhere and we are grateful to be in newsrooms in more than 65 countries on six continents. We’re honored that hundreds of millions of readers each day are engaged by a media partner that uses Chartbeat.

The world is changing and you’re evolving. So are we. We’re here for you.

Let me know what you think about our product updates and our new look. I can always be reached via email or Twitter. Looking forward to your feedback.