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Senior Backend Engineer


The Company

Chartbeat is focused on attention. We help our clients — publishers, blogs, brands, advertisers, agencies — figure out where and how long people are paying attention to their content on the web. We work with everyone (50,000 domains across 61 countries) from the BBC and Gawker to General Mills and FIFA to provide real-time content insights and over-time campaign tools that help content creators and advertisers understand, plan, and monetize attention captured on the web.

Why this attention stuff? Because relying on clicks is not a sustainable way to build a business.. Clicks tell you solely if someone (or something) landed on your page. Nothing else. Understanding attention and monetizing that attention by placing value on the time someone actively spends with a piece of content instead of how many people blindly clicked to a page means a new economy for the web, one that values time and attention over empty clicks.

Measuring every second of engagement on every single page on most every major website in the globe means a scientifically defined shitton of data. Our team handles 1 billion JavaScript downloads a day, managing 250 thousand requests per second, tracking 30 million pages this year alone. Damn, right?

The Team

To do all that, we have to hire smart people. Smart people eager to learn and teach. We hire equally regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or Veteran status. We hire people who think like no one else we know — like the border-of-where-genius-and-crazy-meets-kind-and-thoughtful, think-and-dream-like-the-user, starts-with-the-outrageous-to-compromise-on-the-semi-ridiculous, keeping-the-whiteboard-marker-people-in-business. Our office is filled with incredible, driven talent on every team, and kind, caring, thoughtful colleagues at every desk. We don’t hire self-proclaimed Gurus or Ninjas or Dudes Who Look and Sound Just Like Us and Tell Us What We Want To Hear.

We hire these unique thinkers, diverse minds for two pretty simple reasons. When you get a bunch of them in a room:

  1. Everyone in that room learns something, sees something in a new way, and gets better.
  2. We build things the world has never seen before.

And those two things are, at the core, what Chartbeat is all about — building new things for the world, and learning new things for ourselves. We take very big problems and make simple and actionable solutions for people to put to work.

All that work takes a lot of brain power. So we encourage an equal amount of recharging time with an open vacation policy, a flexible work-time schedule, and work-from-home opportunities. That way we’re all focused on our mission, our clients, and our products — not butts in seats.

You ready? Get in here and join us.


…like to solve problems.

Our traffic numbers are growing, and so is our list of product and feature ideas. That means we need you, and all your unparalleled backend engineer knowledge, to help us scale, extend, and evolve our infrastructure to handle it all.

…are a versatile and passionate technologist.

We are a small, flexible team, so when you come aboard, you will play an integral part in engineering. You will be jumping between architecture, implementation and infrastructure management and be working closely with our CTO to build a future for Chartbeat.

Our backend is mostly built in Python, with key parts in Clojure, Java, C, and Lua. We use MySQL, MongoDB, Riak and RedShift as data stores, along with Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ. Everything is hosted in Amazon AWS. You don't need to already have experience with this tech, you need to WANT experience with it. As you can imagine, with around 12M concurrent visitors at peak hours every day, we see a LOT of data. You'll have no shortage of challenges to solve.

Your day-to-day

  • Work closely with product designers to implement scalable and highly reliable systems that drive our beautiful analytics dashboards
  • Drive development of internal and external APIs
  • Integrate external data sources with Chartbeat
  • Scaling existing backend systems to handle ever increasing amounts of traffic and new product requirements
  • Move fast without breaking things
  • Help make our development practices better and reduce friction from idea to deployment
  • Mentor junior engineers and set the stage for personal growth

Does this sound like you? Apply to be our next Senior Backend Engineer.