multi-platform tracking

All-about-your-audience analytics

Track the second-by-second, pixel-by-pixel attention of your visitors, wherever they are.

With our editorial dashboard, frontline newsroom teams across the globe know instantly if they’re getting and keeping their readers attention—and what they need to do to keep those readers coming back for more.

  • Build audience loyalty in real-time with our Editorial Dashboard.
  • Tap into the Chartbeat Labs for tons of new—and pretty darn cool—ways to display and dive into data.
  • Create your own custom tools and visualizations with our robust Chartbeat API.

Audience Insights

Gauge how well you’re keeping visitors engaged and moving from one article to the next in the same visit.

Filter your audience by location, referral source, device, or visit frequency. Apply multiple filters to drill down on more specific segments.

See which referrers are bringing in valuable visitors with a higher propensity to return—and convert those visitors into a loyal audience.

Real-Time Performance

Easily spot your top pages— and the ones with relatively lower Engaged Time—so you can promote or improve content.

Surface pages where visitors are exhibiting a higher propensity to return.

Uncover the pages that are drawing in the most new visitors—know which pages are making a good first impression.

Cross-Platform Analytics

Track real-time video data right in the main dashboard. Add video to top performing articles or adjust promotion to increase starts.

Pivot on mobile to find out what engaged mobile visitors are reading and which referrers are sending them to your website.

Take action with the top tweets sending you the most visitors—retweet or reply to kick off a conversation.

Create a data-driven environment

Displaying data just got a lot more exciting. The Chartbeat Labs offer tons of fun and useful tools, hacks and displays built for you, by our engineers.

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Always know what’s up. A favorite in newsrooms all over the world, our leaderboard-style visualization shows your top stories on your biggest, baddest screen.


Explore the universe of data across all Chartbeat sites to see what's most popular and most engaging on the web.


Track your traffic as a heat map slowly builds up, revealing the geographical distribution of your traffic in real time.

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