Real-Time Dashboard
Find your best readers.

Understand how your audience is connecting with your content in the moment – across platforms, channels, and devices – so you can act to optimize when trends happen.

  • Filter data by sections, authors, location, traffic source and referrer, device type and more
  • Slice all data by visitor frequency, subscriber status, and native app traffic
  • Integrations with Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP
  • Offsite social monitoring through Facebook’s CrowdTangle

Conversion DashboardNEW
Track conversions in real time.

Use content-first attribution models to gain deep insight into user behavior.

  • Track the reader events most important to you, including subscriptions, registrations, newsletter signups, and more
  • Choose from multiple attribution models to understand your readers’ journeys and design effective stopwall strategies
  • Align editorial, product, and business teams in one place to develop a cohesive and data-driven approach to conversion optimization

Native App Integration
Connect your native app audience to the power of Chartbeat.

Pull app traffic into the Real-time Dashboard to learn what’s resonating with your most loyal audience on a second-by-second basis — which sections they’re engaging with, how push alerts draw their interest, and more.

  • Get an instant read on audience size
  • Find content that engages app readers
  • Compare engagement and loyalty metrics for native and web audiences
  • Actively curate content and develop strategies for your app audience
  • Improve the effectiveness of your push notifications
  • See traffic breakdowns across iOS and Android

Historical Dashboard
Evaluate success over time.

Intuitively assess content performance, KPIs, and valuable trends over the long term.

  • Filter by custom date range, section, and author
  • Compare Total Engaged Minutes, Pageviews, and Average Engaged Time for site and articles
  • Automated insights flag noteworthy trends and benchmarks

Video Dashboard
Understand the stories that resonate.

Grasp how your video content captures viewer attention so you can capitalize on distribution opportunities.

  • Compare Starts, Playrate, Engagement, and Ad Drop-off for site and articles
  • Integration with Real-Time Dashboard and Advanced Queries tools
  • Auto-generated recommendations for optimal video placement

Multi-site View
Group your sites together in one dashboard.

Provides a simple way to track how multiple sites are doing – in real time and looking back over time. Create roll-ups of multiple sites in any configuration, and apply this mode to Chartbeat’s Real-Time Dashboard, Big Board, mobile app, and (coming soon) Historical Dashboard.

  • See how stories, sections, authors, and referrers perform across your entire network
  • Compare metrics between sites in a network or specific vertical
  • Gauge the performance of smaller properties in context using intelligent benchmarking
  • View the diversity of your traffic at scale
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