Analytics for editors

Streamline your data, to act fast – and sure – when it matters.

With our real-time and historical tools for content intelligence, editors and content creators around the world grasp how best to connect to readers and build audience loyalty, whether in fast-paced breaking-news scenarios or when implementing strategies over the long term.

Real-time Dashboard
Instant audience analytics

Chartbeat’s Real-Time Dashboard shows you how your audience is connecting with your content in the moment – across platforms and devices – so you can act quickly.

  • Filter your audience by location, referral source, device, visitor type, UTM types and more
  • Integrate Chartbeat into Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP pages to track engagement anywhere your audience is reading
  • Understand how the articles you write get read and distributed on social platforms with our Offsite Social feature, powered by CrowdTangle

Historical Dashboard (Beta)
Evaluate success over time

The Historical Dashboard view gives everyone in your newsroom an intuitive way to evaluate content performance, editorial KPIs and success over time.

  • With flexible date ranges, section and author views, and more, you can filter the dashboard exactly how you want so you can understand historical performance at a glance.
  • Effective visuals inform both real-time and long-term decision-making
  • Auto-generated Insight Badges take the guesswork out of contextualizing performance by instantly flagging trends and benchmarks

Heads Up Display
Take action faster

Built for a mobile-first world, the Heads Up Display is a screen overlay that provides in-context information about your performance in real time – right on your site. Know which homepage articles are your top performers, how stories are trending up or down in traffic, and how far visitors are scrolling down the page.

  • On-page data surfaces opportunities to change headlines, article positions and links so you can see instant results

  • Device-type pivots allow you to instantly understand how your audience interacts with your site, whether on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Intelligent performance indicators call your attention to opportunities for homepage and article-level optimization

  • Engaged Headline Testing offers multivariate headline tests that optimize for reader engagement after the click

Video Dashboard
Understand the stories that resonate

Our video dashboard offers a focused view of how your video content captures viewer attention so you can capitalize on distribution opportunities.

  • Sort by starts, play rate and engagement to see your top-performing videos
  • Try different approaches to thumbnails, headlines or placement and learn what resonates best with your audience
  • Track all of your content analytics in one place with integrated video data in your real-time dashboard
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