Mobile App
Stay on top of traffic anywhere you go.

Understand the pulse of your story across the web with the app version of our flagship product. Stay on top of traffic anywhere you go, and use Chartbeat’s content intelligence to build readers' loyalty. Available for iOS and Android.

Big Board
Give your entire team a look at your audience.

Bring colleagues together when there's major news, and give your entire team a look at your audience with Chartbeat’s Big Board — a view of your data designed for large-format monitors and projectors, and a recognizable presence in cutting-edge newsrooms around the world.

Slack Integration
@channel, meet /chartbeat

Connect your team's all-up communication tool to your reader signals. With our simple Slack integration and clear notifications, you can turn your hand to other tasks: we'll keep an eye out on your behalf, and notify you about opportunities when they appear.

API Endpoints
Make new experiences for your readers.

Gather data from across Chartbeat's suite of tools with our APIs, and add our unique and comprehensive reader data to your internal tools. Your product team can also use our server-to-server connection to make new custom experiences for readers, like recommendation engines or most-popular modules.

The inside track

Whether best practices, patterns in your data, or trends in the larger media ecosystem, Chartbeat can map what impacts your business. Our experienced data science, research, and education team can work behind the scenes to help you discover the insights you need to get — and stay — ahead.

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