Chartbeat Publishing for Ad Sales

Advertisers want time with your audience. So sell it to them.

You want an attentive audience that’s reading and engaging with your content. And so do your advertisers. But attention can't be measured in clicks and hovers.

Chartbeat Publishing for Ad Sales measures your audience’s true engagement – how long they’re actively consuming your content with ads in view.

You have what advertisers want, go forth and sell. Let’s get moving.

Here’s how it works.

  • Advertisers want an attentive audience.

    Brands build relationships with their target audience by getting the right message in front of the right people.

  • Oh snap. You have an attentive audience.

    Thanks to your high-quality content, you’ve built the right audience – and brands are coming to you for it.

  • We tell you what’s grabbing your audience.

    We check in every second to measure how long your audience is engaged – reading, watching, or commenting.

  • Brands can access your best audience.

    By knowing where your audience spends their time, you can package and sell new ad opportunities to brands.

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Meet the Chartbeat Publishing for Ad Sales team.

Product pals Alex and Dustin discuss why they built Chartbeat Publishing for Ad Sales and how publishers are already using it. Not a fan of videos? Let’s chat on the phone.

“What matters is the ad that’s below the fold, that’s in view with the qualified audience, that’s … actually consuming the story rather than just clicking through. What matters is the amount of time that the ad is in view – the branded value of it.”

The best place for brands to advertise isn’t always obvious.

Forget traditional assumptions. Find opportunities you’ve never been able to see – or sell – before. Prove to brands where their ads really need to be.

  • Match the right stories to the right brands.

    There’s a best audience for every brand’s message. Get that mutual fund ad around your finance content and readers.

  • (Always) know your sales potential.

    Finding your top-performing ads can be tough. With one click, we’ll pinpoint your best opportunities for you.

  • Find out what you’ve been missing.

    Discover your undervalued, high-potential areas. We know what you’re not selling, and we know why it’s valuable.

The quality of your content matters.

Your site’s value has always come from the fact that people care about what you create. So sell that.

People are already talking. Thought leaders like Ad Age are buzzing about our new product that lets you sell what made your site exceptional in the first place. Check out Chartbeat in Ad Age.

“When [Chartbeat] looked at 1 million anonymous readers across 10 websites: 66% of the "engaged time" over a 24-hour period happened "below the fold" -- or below the part of page that originally showed up in the browser when a reader first opened a page. ”

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