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  • Tony Haile


    Ants, cold places, english accents

  • Penny

    Princess and Chief Ignorer

    Eating (with a fondness for organic food), sleeping (particularly on pillows), hunting (she's a killer), ignoring people

  • Alex "Lasers" Carusillo

    Giver Of Gifts

    Shouting, YouTube playlists, gimmicks, caps lock, clothing

  • Mona Chaudhuri

    Queen of Product

    Spicy food, champagne, KC bbq, beaches

  • Adam "Grampa" Clarkson

    User Experience Lead

    UX design, research, shortstop, going for 'a' beer, living under shadow of Farha and Zain

  • Nathan "Dad" Potter

    VeeP Engineer(ing)

    Developer, Dad, wizened soothsayer

  • Gigi

    Chief Ball Fetcher

    Ball fetching, belly scratching, compulsive tail wagging

  • Tom Germeau


    UI dev & design, squash, rhubarb connoisseur

  • Lauryn "LB" Bennett

    Brand Police

    Brand identity, strategery, puppies, words, prosecco

  • Champagne "Champ" Bennett


    Peanut butter cookies, killing blades of grass, dinosaurs

  • Doug Benedicto


    Tom Waits, scotch

  • Nick "Nitro" Moy

    Writing the Codez

    Front-end, back-end, guitar, bass, drums, vocals

  • Wolfgang


    Pooping, wagging, leash-pulling, being cute.

  • Josh Schwartz

    Machine Learner

    Combinatorial optimization, machine learning, C/Python/x86, pretentious coffee, sports involving spandex

  • Juliana Sullam

    Wordsmither & Marketing Creative

    Olives, writing, Neil Young, jorts

  • Skye Fulkerson

    Finder of ChartPartners

    Asking questions, pizza, monkey babies, all things southern.

  • Louie


    Mischief, dust bunnies, melting hearts.

  • Justin Lintz

    Chief Anxiety Officer

    Being tall, photography, linux, R&B, sports

  • Wes Chow

    Beat Twiddler


  • Catherine Hernandez

    Head of Talent

    Skydiving, karaoke, penguins, and potato chips

  • David van Dokkum

    Dream Weaver

    Experimental media, sound culture, dutch disco

  • Brian Merz

    Bizzy Geek

    Coffee-by-numbers, Szechuan fixes, hops & barley, robot love songs

  • Clara Hersh

    Data Sherpa

    Football, leftovers, improv comedy, Sriracha

  • Jerry Gagelman

    Data H4ck3r

    Mediterranean sun, Symbolist poets, commutative algebra.

  • Immanuel Alexander


    math, bike riding around the city, running, cafe grumpy, diamond bar, pies n' thighs

  • Santos Lopez

    A/R Manager

    Numbers, gardening, and music

  • Ashta

    People Lover

    Chasing balls, controlling everything and teaching people tricks

  • Clancy

    Food Scavenger

    Eating, smelling things and backyard chilling

  • Katie Kimball

    Operations Manager & Chief of Staff

    Hula hooping, knitting, acoustic guitar, and nachos

  • Harry Wolff

    Frontend Howler

    Playing, coding, living, relaxing, and surround sound laughter

  • Libby Martin

    Making Chartbelievers

    Zumba, pumping iron, French roast, and peace signs

  • Kyle Jameson


    Cooking, daydreaming, hitchhiking, and punk rocking

  • Devon Peticolas

    Keyboard Smasher

    Rice and beans, mashups, clicky keyboards, awesome dancer

  • Matt Krukowski

    Maker, Breaker, Fixer

    Climbing trees, electroswing, real swings, punny wordplay

  • Adrian Kramer

    Stack Trace Analyst

    iced tea, french seams, and fanfiction

  • Jared Holst

    Phone Hooked

    Colorado, grokking, gas station snacks, wharf rat

  • Andrew Oddo

    Product Educator

    philosophizing aloud, making funky music, islands, exploratory bicycling

  • Nate Butler

    Cloud Wrangler

    parlour games, puppetry, cookbooks, bbq, and unix pipes

  • Justin Mazur

    Operating Thetan

    math, algorithms, books, gaming

  • John Saroff

    Triage Doc

    good books, bad movies, coke zero

  • Brent McDonald

    Head of Finance

    Movie quotes, Texas country, Bay Area sports, bleu cheese

  • Nik Nadolski

    Editorial Liaison

    Stocks, travel, gastronomy, and drip-coffee

  • James Franz

    Undercover Educator

    Jazz enthusiast, Broncos fan, Stereophile, Handyman

  • Will Camp

    Relationship Expert

    surfing, concerts, bungee jumping, comedy

  • Kevin Ward

    Wielder of Salesforce

    videogames, coffee, and IPA's

  • Nikki


    Eating socks, sleeping, chasing squirrels

  • Chris Consroe

    Nerd Behind the Curtain

    superheroes, sci-fi, spanish food, and salty snacks

  • Chris Hughes

    Legal Guy

    motorcycles, country music, dark roast coffee

  • Dan Valente


    boxplots, headphones, the avant-garde, short fiction

  • Collin Olan

    Content as UI Designer

    making, sound, bicycle steeple chasing, cheese

  • Evan Cooper

    Mr. Talkative

    bikes, rye whiskey cocktails, colorful pants

  • Genevieve Procter

    Sales Initiator

    dogs, penny candy, warm socks, picklebacks

  • Stephanie Brower

    Synergy Specialist

    public speaking, ujjayi pranayama, making introductions, bone marrow

  • Kris Harbold

    Line Plotter Extraordinare

    bouldering, bagels, baseball, hacking, statistics

  • Alexandra Northington

    Utility Fielder // Marketing

    kickboxing, breakfast tacos, giant post-its, JaRule Pandora

  • Aida Diaz

    Disorder Destroyer

    sunshine, beaches, and her Chartfamily

  • John Murray


    single origin espresso, viral videos, pullups, boat shoes

  • Patrick Engelhart

    Globetrotting People Lover

    Small venues, craft beer, french press, and design

  • Ashley Kircher

    Designer and Internet Explorer

    cats, braids, paint, and code

  • Sam Chieng

    Dashboard Connoisseur

    Burritos, sludge metal, savasana, and alpaca watching

  • Erin Isenberg

    Office Wizard

    puppies, Springsteen, Chipotle, and chocolate

  • Toby

    Kitchen Scavenger

    Playing, sleeping, consuming copious amounts of treats

  • Andersen Chen

    Data Explorer

    Entrepreneurship, machine learning, non-fiction

  • Brian Tice

    Interface Builder

    UI development, travel, brain teasers, random facts

  • Mike Vaccarino

    Outreach Originator

    Underwater explorer, musical discoverer, abroad trekker, meatball devourer

  • Marc Prewitt

    Code Contriver

    dad, cameras, barley, the empty hand

  • Katie Poe Bayes

    Grid Wrangler

    cartoons, typography, purple, decaf, deadpan

  • Julia Tsyvin


    wine, concerts, Spotify playlists, & beachin'

  • Paul Kiernan

    Segfault Sensei

    Boxing, surfing, cooking, plasma physics, Murakami Films

  • Jonathan Britt

    Prosperity Proprietor

    barbecue, boating, video games, boogie-boarding, & Wikipedia'ing

  • Bailey

    Spaghetti Enthusiast

    hoarding toys, ripping stockings, chasing birds

  • PJ Smith


    science, sour's, Pepe's pizza, bikes

  • Daniel Boyd

    Cloud Wrangler

    photography, travel, container ships, submarine cables

  • Chris Breaux

    Puzzle Solver

    Cajun cuisine, skiing, climbing, singing bass

  • Jessica Lowe


    Creator, Software, Quilts, Pastries

  • Shawn Carter

    Meme Whisperer

    Coffee, Apples, Pizza, & Harry Potter

  • Jill Mercadante

    Customer Success Leader

    Good books, great cocktails and 'Cuse basketball

  • Ryan Holly

    Quirky title TBD

    Junk Food, Exercise, Repeat

  • Cash

    The Man in Black

    Mexican food & Valley Girls

  • Greg Golden

    Product Promoter

    Homework helper, NutriBullet expert, & walking a labradoodle with OCD

  • Blake Liut

    Conversation Ninja

    Traveling, Snapping Photos, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, & Cooking

  • Wesley Collins

    Product Closer

    University of Michigan sports, pizza, & fast cars

  • Eli Holder

    Product Adventurer

    empathy, empathy, empathy, & beer

  • Matt Owen


    Software, Data, Math, Pizza Emoji

  • Jeremy Blumenfeld

    Code Mensch

    dad-stuff, citibiking, matzoh ball soup

  • Will Horning

    Devend Backveloper

    hip-hop, fine woodworking, samurai movies

  • Greg Karlin

    Backend Engineer

    climbing, running, falling gracefully

  • Annie Fox

    Product Owner

    video games, comics, building forts, and chicken cutlets

  • Chelsea Regan


    raiding fridges, flower arranging, and Taco Bell

  • Jenn Creighton

    Coffee Consumer

    Code, croissants, semicolons, Sherlock

  • Zoe

    Chief Burrower

    Treats, squeaky toy, blanket, treats

  • Sophie

    Prime Minister of Naps


  • Anastasis

    Anti-Entropy Strategist

    AI, history, cities, Éric Rohmer films

  • Susana

    Flan Fan

    ori-peis, dancing, Mass Effect, sweets

  • Leonardo Campos

    Head of BI

    sports, books, maps, dogs (of course), & salty caramel

  • Jeiran Jahani


    statistics, visuals, films, empty museums, big waves & summer fruits

  • Tarra Gomory

    Account Wrangler

    sunrises, biscuits, prosecco & bikes with baskets

  • Jasper Clark

    Director of Belly Rubs

    snacks, hugs, naps & snuggles (with a side of sass)

  • Danielle Frizziola

    People Knower

    Otis Redding, peanut butter, homemade pizzas, giggling

  • Danielle Pascarella

    Professional Matchmaker

    dance parties, world exploration, neon apparel, & cookies

  • Big Board Mosaic

    Pages are represented as blocks: the larger the block, the greater its share of traffic. Color denotes dominant traffic source.

  • Real Time Chess

    It's like regular chess, except without turns. You can move all your pieces simultaneously - and so can your opponent.

  • Total total

    Real-time breakdown of visitors by operating system and browser.

  • Universe

    Have you ever wondered what your site would look like in the sky? Wonder no more.

  • Around the World

    Explore a map and watch your visitors drop in from around the world in full screen fashion.

  • Big Board

    A simple leader-board style visualization to show your best stories on your biggest screen.

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