We’re building a better web.

One powered by quality time and attention.

A sustainable web demands we measure and monetize attention.

Since the web's creation, the standard unit of success has been the click. Yet the goal of content creation has always been to get the right information to the right people and have them consume it, understand it, learn from it.

This massive disconnect of goals and metrics has led to a web that rewards empty traffic, clickbait headlines, and billions of unseen ad impressions.

Chartbeat is changing that. We quantify the value between the clicks.

We partner with editorial teams to identify their highest quality content -- the pieces that pique and keep reader attention. We partner with advertising teams to plan campaigns around this high-quality content so these ads are seen more often and for longer.

This shift to valuing and transacting on the time people are paying attention means publishers creating quality content get paid more for it, brands get the time in front of an attentive audience they're paying for, and readers get the best user experience possible.

Our data is literally a big deal.

Measuring every second of engagement on every single page on most every major website in the globe means a scientifically defined insane amount of data.

Our team handles

1 billion

JavaScript downloads a day


300 thousand

requests per second


30 million

pages this year alone

Damn, right?

We’re supported by the best in the business. A few of our incredible investors.

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