Measuring Ad Engagement

Brands need time.

Time in front of their audience. Time to get their message out. Time to grow awareness, recall, and relationships.

So if that’s your campaign’s goal, why aren’t you using time as a metric of success?

A click is not a unit of time.

Looking at just impressions and clicks don’t tell you if someone spent time consuming your message. When your goal is quality time with a quality audience, you need to measure time.

That’s why we built Engaged Time.

Not all time is created equal.

Every brand has specific people they need to get in front of. Not everyone's time matters to every brand.

Engaged Time reveals who’s actively interested in, captivated by, and engaging with the content and ads on a page — and who, well, isn’t.

When it counts, every second counts.

Engaged Time checks in with visitors’ browsers every second — between the clicks and impressions — to track their behaviors.

Because it's not enough to think you know how your target audience is engaging with your message, you need to know.

  • Scrolling

  • Writing

  • Reading