Video Analytics Dashboard

Video in context. Know exactly how your video engagement relates to your written content.

See the value of your videos – where and when you’re capturing your viewers’ attention – and understand how videos impact their overall content experience.

Product owners Mona and Joe share
why we added video analytics to the
Chartbeat Publishing suite. Watch now video analytics

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Beyond-the-player video insights right at your fingertips.

Understand the quality of your visitors' experience. Know exactly how well your videos are giving your audience what they want and how they affect the rest of your content and your site overall.

  • How is my audience engaging
    with this video – who’s making it
    past the ad roll?
  • How can I boost this video’s
    performance – which top articles
    could use a video?
  • How is this video doing – how
    does its Engaged Time compare
    to my entire video library?

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360-degree real-time visibility into what’s happening
between those starts and completes.

Average Engaged Time

The average amount of time your audience is actively engaging with your video.


Think more than clicks, it's a new way to track who's playing your video.

AD Drop-off

Redefining a standard measurement with our real-time engagement metrics.

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