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Did you know only 24% of people engage with paid content?

Meet the product that helps you capture the attention of your entire audience.

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Paid Content analytics

Get key content performance metrics and benchmarks instantly

See where your visitors come from and if they’re really reading

Find new topics and internal promotion ideas for reaching readers

Deep dive into who your social audience is and what they’re saying

Share at-a-glance performance insights and feedback with clients

Be the ultimate paid content partner to advertisers.

Report back in-depth audience attention data and insights.

  • Deliver the right audience

    Bring a loyal audience

    Make sure your paid content reaches the loyal audience your advertisers came to you for.

  • See who’s reading

    Measure visitors' active time

    Measure how much time visitors are spending actively reading each piece of paid content.

  • Know how "native" it is

    Benchmark native against editorial

    See how audience attention on paid content compares to your editorial content.

See more than clicks. Measure true audience engagement.

Understand who’s really reading

Tracking visitor engagement

Track how many people start reading and how many finish each paid content story.

Assess traffic by source & quality

Tracking visitor engagement

Is this piece reaching your site’s loyal audience, an all-new social crew, or paid traffic?

See how your content measures up

Tracking visitor engagement

Benchmark performance against your campaign, your whole site or your competitive set.

Know your content’s social impact

Tracking visitor engagement

See Tweets, Likes and Pins — view your top Tweets and if you’re reaching your social influencers.

Display ads? Get all of your attention metrics in the same place.

Measure your audience’s actual attention, not just their clicks.

The Attention Web measures and monetizes your audience’s true attention.

We have the ability to measure pixel-by-pixel, second-by-second audience attention — the attention your editorial and paid content already captures and that’s worth a premium to advertisers.

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