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Make attention your foundation. Start scaling for the future.

Premium brands want time with your audience. Get the tools to measure, package, and sell it.


Viewability and attention

Make viewability work in your favor. Give premium brands the audience attention they want.

Highly Targeted Campaigns

Quickly build targeted packages that achieve complex goals, and exceed your client's expectations.

Stronger Storytelling

Provide in-flight updates and tell compelling stories without leaning heavily on your research team.
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Chartbeat is building the attention economy with 80% of the top U.S. publishers and media companies in 50 countries.

Build custom packages, tailored for every client’s unique goals.

Get control over your campaigns. Deliver a package in seconds and hit the bull’s–eye every time.

Create a package for

broad reach

broad reach and attention

broad reach and viewability

Automated Media Planning

Target with Precision

Enter client requirements and get the best collection of placements.

Sound Science

Pitch with Confidence

Cut out the guesswork. Let the data science do the heavy lifting.

Yield Management

Optimize Your Inventory

Build packages that include hard-to-sell but high-value placements.
What is viewability? What does it mean for publishers? Get the skinny.

Put together in-flight campaign narratives in a snap.

Always be ready for that client update. Get context and insights at a moment’s notice.

Get On–Demand Campaign IQ

Reduce dependency on your research team. Give a rundown with auto–composed narratives.

Create Premium Experiences

Build stronger relationships by delivering high–touch updates to every client, for every campaign.

Paint the Big Picture

Move clients past a low CTR. Tell the bigger story about the impact and significance of a campaign.

Wrap up every campaign by telling your clients a great story.

Create a customizable report that quantifies the success of your client’s campaign.

Make an Impression

Bring up a report with detailed insights and visualizations instantly.

Bring Metrics Together

Access legacy metrics, viewability and attention data in a single report.

Customize Everything

Make edits and changes as you see fit. Share the story you want to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use the Chartbeat Advertising Platform?

It’s designed for direct sales teams at online publishing organizations.

Does Chartbeat measure viewability and viewable impressions?

Yes, we’re an MRC-accredited viewability vendor.

Can I serve ads through Chartbeat?

Nope, we do not serve ads at this time.

Does Chartbeat integrate DFP?


Can the Chartbeat Ads Platform integrate with my 1st or 3rd party data?

It sure can.
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