Reports and Insights

A deeper perspective

Understand the key drivers of your success with our precise reporting features. The insights and metrics built into our product suite help you evaluate audience-behavior trends, quality interactions and other benchmarks — so you can align your organization around the data that’s most relevant and valuable.

If you’d like further expertise, our in-house data science, research, and education teams also offer consulting options to keep your business at the forefront of publishing.

Report Builder
Robust historical reporting

Our rich historical analytics tool gives you down-to-the-minute historical data about your site and audience through easy-to-digest and easy-to-create reports.

  • Pre-built report templates track top pages, scroll depth, author and article-specific performance, uniques, pageviews and more
  • Custom report generation capabilities track specific performance goals over a desired date range
  • Create, download and share reports instantly, or get recurring reports emailed to you and your team

Insight Badges
Suggestions built for impact

Auto-generated Insight Badges, built into our product suite, instantly identify your biggest trends and opportunities.

  • Track how a real-time number compares to your own historical average and 30-day max
  • Instantly spot extraordinary performers (high engagement, high social, high mobile) or pages that need more attention (low engagement, low social, low mobile)
  • Top Pages badges call out opportunities to promote engaging content or take advantage of new visitors while you know they’re reading
  • Chevrons alert you to an article’s current traffic trends so you can act in the moment

Quality Metrics
Measurements that count

Chartbeat’s unique attention and engagement metrics go beyond mere clicks and pageviews to measure a reader’s quality interaction with content – because our research shows that higher Engaged Time correlates to higher audience loyalty.

  • Engaged Time: the average time visitors are spending actively interacting with your content. If your reader leaves to grab coffee but keeps their computer open, the Engaged Time counter stops
  • Recirculation: compares the number of people on a given page to the number of people who then travel to your other articles, so you know how successfully your homepage and articles pull readers deeper into your site
  • Visitor Frequency: determines how often readers visit your site. Loyal visitors — those who have visited your site about every other day — represent your most valuable audience

Consulting and Education
The inside track

Whether it’s best practices, trends in your data, or trends in the larger media ecosystem, Chartbeat is on the pulse of what is impacting your business. You can depend on our experienced data science, research, and education team to work behind the scenes to help you discover the insights you need to get — and stay — ahead.

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