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How does it work?

We anonymize and aggregate content across thousands of sites across the Chartbeat Universe in over 30 countries (six continents, if you’re counting) and show them to you here grouped by topic and site category.

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What metrics do you use?


Concurrents are the number of active browser visits on a site at a given time. Concurrents take into account both how many people visit a site and how long they stick around.

Engaged Time

Engaged time is the length of time people spend reading or writing on a site — the time they’re actually spending using it — which we gauge based on mouse and keyboard activity.

Rise by concurrents vs. engaged time

For example if you’ve selected “Rise by Most Concurrents” and this second, the total number of people simultaneously on articles that mention “Obama” across news sites across the web are higher than on any other topic, then “Obama” will be ranked as the number one and largest bubble in the news section.

If you toggle to “Rise by Most Engaged Time” then it will sort these bubbles not by concurrent visitors but by the articles that have the most Engaged Time - those with the highest amount of active reading, writing, and scrolling activity right now. If someone’s on this page, but sitting idle, we don’t count ‘em.

So, while many people may be concurrently on articles about “Obama,” you may find that, for example, people are actively reading and engaged for a longer period of time on articles about “Biden” - he’s a pretty engaging dude after all. Learn more about Chartbeat and how our technology measures.