Troubleshooting / FAQ

Not Receiving Traffic

If you are not receiving traffic from your site, the first thing to check is whether the beacons are being requested. This can be done using your favorite web browser developer tool (for example Firebug for Firefox or Chrome Developer Tools), or using a tool like Charles Proxy. The beacons will go to If these are being sent, send an email to If not, please check the common errors in the sections below.

JavaScript Errors

The first thing to look for is to see if there are any JavaScript errors on the page. This can be done by looking at the JavaScript console in your browser. If there are any errors, there is a good chance of those blocking the Chartbeat code.

onload Handler Overwritten

The Chartbeat code relies on the window.onload attribute not being blindly overwritten. That is, if a piece of JavaScript sets this, without also calling the existing function, Chartbeat will not work. A way to check this, is to look at the value of the window.onload function when the page has loaded. If it is not the Chartbeat code, then check that the new handler correctly ends up calling the Chartbeat code at some point.

A way to see if the Chartbeat code has been called is whether the variable _sf_endpt is defined in the global scope.

Wrong Configuration

If there are no JavaScript errors, and the onload handler is being called, it could be the case that the configuration values in the Chartbeat setup is wrong. Please, double-check those values before contacting

The Same Article Appear Multiple Times in my Dashboard

If the same article appears multiple times in the dashboard, it is most probably because the article is actually tracked under different distinct urls. This can be checked by hovering the mouse over the article in the dashboard and comparing the urls. If this is the case, see here for information about how to "clean the path".

Aggregating Sub-Domains Into One Dashboard

It is possible to track multiple subdomains within a single dashboard. If you would like to do this, please contact us and we will enable it for you.

Tracking Flash Applications

You can track "page changes" in Flash applications using the virtualPage() function, .

My Site is Being Slowed Down, "Waiting for"

If your browser keeps having a "Waiting for" message in the status bar, it is actually not waiting for Chartbeat as our code is fully asynchronous. It is an old Firefox bug unfortunately. You can read more on our blog post about it.

Why am I Getting an Error From

If the beacon loading from is returning an error, there are two possible reasons.

If it is a 503 error, it is because you have hit the maximum number of concurrents on your Chartbeat plan. We send this error message, to throttle the traffic sent to us (see also cookies). You can change your plan to see all your traffic here. The exact error message returned is 503 Site over allowed capacity.

If it is a 500 error it is not truly an error, but an internal way for Chartbeat to signal the client side JavaScript to resend all information. This can be needed when network packages gets lost between the user's browser and Chartbeat's systems. The exact error message returned is 500 Referrer data required.